A budget blog is born!

The Minnesota Budget Bites blog (well, that’s what we are calling it for now) is our way to get important information out to the advocacy community in a timely way. The 2008 Legislative Session is just getting under way…Congress will be considering the President’s budget…Minnesota appears to be sliding into a recession…that’s all a lot to keep track of. But we want to help. We are starting this blog to keep you up to date on things like key state tax and budget issues, the latest economic trends and the impact of federal budget decisions on Minnesota.

But we would really appreciate your feedback as we start this endeavor. What do you like? What could we do better? Is this a valuable addition to our work? Are we missing important blog-related features? We would also love to hear your ideas for a permanent name for the blog! Send us an e-mail or post a comment. Thanks!

About Christina Wessel

Christina served as the Minnesota Budget Project's deputy director until January 2014.
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3 Responses to A budget blog is born!

  1. Melanie says:

    I’m really confused by the new GAMC program, especially individuals with mental illnesses who are eligible for the program! Initially the Governor wanted to cut the program all together, but then developed a new plan to keep GAMC while cutting reimbursement to hospitals/clinics by 37%. Then the Governor decided to cut adult mental health funding to communities. How do all the cuts support individuals experiencing mental illness in the community? I will be interested to see how hospitals will continue to provide adequate services and continuity of care to low-income individuals experiencing mental illness with the involvment of Coordinated Care Organizations, which fee-for-service will also be implemented?? This is a disservice to this at-risk population! Oh yeah, I think somehow the State will be saving money too – at the expense of our neighbor’s health..

    I’m interested in your thoughts on this..

  2. Thanks to the Minnesota Budget Project team for providing this wealth of information to Minnesota’s advocacy community.

  3. dacman1 says:

    This is a very good idea. I particulary enjoyed the fascinating terms of agreement. 5 Kudos.

    Charlie O

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