Revamped 2007 omnibus tax bill likely to avoid Governor's veto

In an earlier post, I reported on the legislature’s efforts to address federal conformity issues as well as pass many of the provisions that were contained in last year’s vetoed omnibus tax bill.

That legislation (HF 3201) has since passed the House floor and passed the Senate Tax Committee on Wednesday. Clearly negotiations with the Governor’s office have been underway – the Senate Tax Committee removed three provisions to avoid the Governor’s veto pen. These items are changing property taxes on utilities, tax increases in certain counties for environmental clean-up, and local option sales tax approval for North Mankato, Clearwater and Winona.

So this year’s version of last year’s omnibus tax bill should be hitting the Governor’s desk soon.

Senator Bakk, the chair of the Senate Tax Committee, said in committee on Wednesday that in about four weeks, they should be working to pass this year’s omnibus tax bill. There have been negotiations on some of the controversial items from the 2007 omnibus tax bill, so the next tax bill may include new proposals to address issues such as Foreign Operating Corporations and business incentives that were not part of HF 3201.

-Nan Madden

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Nan Madden is director of the Minnesota Budget Project.
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