Renters’ Credit at risk – your help is needed

We don’t usually use our blog as a way to call people to action, but I’m going to today since time is short and the issue is so important (Nan Madden testified on this issue in both the House and the Senate earlier this week).

The Governor has proposed cutting the Renters’ Credit by 21%. This is a credit that benefits over 271,000 low- and moderate-income Minnesota households who have high housing costs – many of them are seniors and people with disabilities.

The Governor claims that a cut to the Renters’ Credit is appropriate since property taxes were decreased in 2001 for most apartment owners. But renters did not benefit from this property tax reform; the savings have not been passed on to them. 

Now the Legislature is putting together their own proposals for how to solve the state’s budget deficit – and they must hear from Minnesotans right now that they should not accept the Governor’s proposal to cut the renters’ credit.

You can get involved in two ways:

1. Call key members of the Legislature and ask them to reject the Governor’s proposal to cut the Renters’ Credit.

  • House Tax Committee Chair: Ann Lenczewski, 651-296-4218
  • Senate Tax Committee Chair: Tom Bakk, 651-296-8881
  • Speaker of the House: Representative Margaret Anderson Kelliher, 651-296-0171
  • Senate Majority Leader: Senator Larry Pogemiller, Minneapolis, 651-296-7809

2. If you represent an organization, you can join us in a sign-on letter opposing the cuts.

More information on the Renters’ Credit is available on our website. Thanks for your help!

-Christina Wessel

About Christina Wessel

Christina served as the Minnesota Budget Project's deputy director until January 2014.
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  1. Nan Madden says:

    For anyone interested in how this all turned out…the legislature rejected the Governor’s proposal, and no cuts were made to the Renters’ Credit.

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