Moving targets in the House

The House revised their targets in their Budget Resolution yesterday morning after some discussions with the Governor:

  • Added $3 million to the Agriculture target to pay for bovine tuberculosis and added another $1.9 million to the Housing & Public Health target.
  • Decreased the amount transferred from the state’s Budget Reserve from $273 million to $250 million (which matches the Governor).
  • Increased the amount of TANF funding being refinanced from $44.4 million to $50.2 million.
  • Increased the amount of revenues being raised the in the Tax bill from $173.9 million to $201.8 million.

The updated Budget Resolution is available from House Fiscal Analysis.

But the House isn’t finished yet. House Ways & Means is supposed to meet on Monday morning to amend the Budget Resolution once again! This time to cover the costs of Rep. Huntley’s Health Care Reform proposal (HF 3391). The House Finance Committee is scheduled to consider that bill later that morning.

Meanwhile, the House continues to move their supplemental budget bill forward. The House Finance Committee met for several hours yesterday to combine all the various finance bills into a single omnibus bill (HF 1812). The House Tax Committee will be next to hear the bill, then House Ways & Means and then to the House floor.

It appears the House and Senate are on track to have a single conference committee…rather than one conference committee for each budget area (like K-12 Education, Health & Human Services, Public Safety, etc). This can get a little controversial since the Minnesota Constitution (Article 4, Section 17) says laws should only “embrace a single subject.”

On the other of the street…the Senate hasn’t passed a Budget Resolution yet, but we’ll probably see it this afternoon when Senate Finance meets to put together the omnibus supplemental budget bill (like the House, the Senate is also combining all the different finance bills into a single bill). Right now, I’m sitting on the floor outside Room 123 in the Capitol waiting for that hearing to finally convene. It’s already been delayed 2 1/2 hours…but hey, that’s what we call “Senate time.”

-Christina Wessel

About Christina Wessel

Christina served as the Minnesota Budget Project's deputy director until January 2014.
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