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Minnesota has a strong backbone of nonprofit research and advocacy organizations that do a tremendous amount of important work. Many have published helpful information on the budget proposals from the Governor, House and Senate. Here are a couple that I know about —

  • Conservation Minnesota (formerly the League of Conservation Voters Minnesota) just published an analysis of the Governor’s proposals that effect Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and land. Also check out their series of end of session analyses, going to back to 2003.
  • Affirmative Options, an anti-poverty coalition, has a short & sweet background on health and human services spending trends. This is essential reading in order to understand the current debate over issues like the Health Care Access Fund dollars (there’s a link to “Budget reality vs rhetoric” on the right-hand side of their homepage).

This is not a comprehensive list! Please use the comment function of this blog to post other analyses that you know of. And, of course, the Minnesota Budget Project will soon release its own analysis, comparing the Governor-House-Senate proposals on E-12 education, economic development, health and human services, taxes, and other issue areas.

Happy reading!

-Katherine Blauvelt

About Katherine Blauvelt

Katherine Blauvelt served as the Minnesota Budget Project’s policy analyst from 2007 to 2009.
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