Facts on health care? They've got 'em

Earlier this week I attended the monthly Budget Trends Commission meeting, a group set up by the legislature to examine instability in the state’s finances. Most of the meeting was spent learning about trends in health care spending and trends in health insurance (or lack thereof) in Minnesota. I assume the Commission is learning about this topic because rising health care costs have, and will in the future, put pressures on the state budget.

Here’s my take away from the meeting: If you don’t already have the Minnesota Department of Health Health Economics Program (say that five times fast) on your radarscreen as the best place to get statistics on the topic of health care in Minnesota – you should. Their Health Access Surveys provide the most accurate state-level data on health insurance rates, who is uninsured, etc. They’ve also done a ton of analysis on health care costs, with easy-to-read graphs too.

Subscribe to their e-mail list to get a heads-up on new publications (click on the link on their homepage), but don’t neglect their past publications either.

The next Budget Trends Commission meeting is right after Memorial day, but that won’t keep me away. It’s Tuesday, May 27th at 8:30 am, at the Centennial Office Building (658 Cedar, St. Paul). The scheduled topics (set back in January, so it’s subject to change) are revenue volatility and a review of the state education funding system & Local Government Aid.

-Katherine Blauvelt

About Katherine Blauvelt

Katherine Blauvelt served as the Minnesota Budget Project’s policy analyst from 2007 to 2009.
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