Legislature presents its first offer

The legislature presented its first counter-offer to the Governor at 10 a.m….I can’t get a PDF up on the web since I’m stuck in committee, but here is everything it says:

  • Spending cuts and non-tax revenues proposed by the Governor and accepted by the House and Senate…for $164 million in budget reductions
  • Additional spending cuts and non-tax revenues to be negotiated from the House, Senate and Governor’s proposals… for $40 million in budget reductions
  • Debt service to fund a $107 million bonding bill that includes Central Corridor and Veterans Home…$1 million in spending to cover debt service
  • Health Care Access Fund used for expanding health care access only, not for balancing the budget
  • E-12 Education proposal and increased school funding as agreed to by the House-Senate E-12 working group
  • House and Senate agreement to move policy from HF 1812

House leadership also just had a press conference announcing the offer that can be viewed online.

This offer doesn’t exactly include much in the way of compromise…except for adding bonding for the Veterans Home. Commissioner Hanson was on hand in the conference committee once again to represent the Governor, but did not really offer any reaction to the Legislative proposal since they just received it this morning. However, the ball is once again in the Governor’s court to present the next offer.

Representative Rukavina did point out that including any bonding provisions in the final bill will require 81 votes in the House…a bit of a hurdle.

-Christina Wessel

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Christina served as the Minnesota Budget Project's deputy director until January 2014.
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