A tax proposal we can all agree on

Alert – Massive understatement of the day ahead!

Policy concerning property taxes can be controversial.

But the Senate has a property tax proposal in its tax bill that we can all get behind – better and more comprehensive information on how the property tax affects individual households. The Senate tax bill would resurrect the “Voss database” (see Article 16, Sect. 2 in the bill). Named after Gordon Voss, a legislator who retired in 1989, the database connects income data with home values. The result? A research tool that can help answer a range of very important questions. For example, how are households with different incomes affected by a particular property tax proposal? 

The database went defunct in the 1990s. Now, more than ever, policymakers and the public would benefit from being able to model the impact of a property tax change on different kinds of households. And all it costs is $200,000. Last night, the tax chairs indicated their support for funding the Voss database. The Minnesota Budget Project is all for it as well.

And kudos to the Minnesota Taxpayers Association for highlighting this obscure policy proposal, deemed by them to be “The Best $200,00 the State Can Spend” in their latest newsletter (only available to subscribers).

-Katherine Blauvelt

About Katherine Blauvelt

Katherine Blauvelt served as the Minnesota Budget Project’s policy analyst from 2007 to 2009.
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