Minnesota Senate launches online budget discussion

The Minnesota Senate joins the Minnesota House and Minnesota Public Radio in launching a web site where members of the public can give their input on how to address the state’s budget deficit.

The Minnesota Senate Budget Discussion is described as “an online community designed to invite you to contribute your ideas on the state budget. Your ideas will help the Senate develop a budget that reflects the values and needs of our communities.”

The site is divided into different parts of the budget, such as higher education, health and human services, etc. Each section provides an overview of budget information for that area and a place for members of the public to provide their comments.

So much is at stake this year, and all Minnesotans need to be part of the discussion. This site seems especially structured to provide input to the Senate committees that will be making budget discussions, so log on and weigh in!

-Nan Madden

About Nan Madden

Nan Madden is director of the Minnesota Budget Project.
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  1. sueinmn says:

    I strongly feel the stimulus package tax cuts given to big business need to be in the form of job creation and it needs to be part of the “jobz” program where accountability is required. The jobz programs requires the ability to remain gainfully employed with out fear of lay offs for a determined length of time and I believe also it requires to follow giuldelines of maintaining a livable hiring wage. I also feel stronly that any job creation, priotity needs to be given towards American citizens over any consideration of the cheaper labor counterparts of Visa holders and illegal workers. Afterall this stimulus package is the tax payers monies. To simply give tax cuts to big bussiness may help bail out their woes but do little to job creation.

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