113,615 would lose health care, including children

The Governor’s budget proposal contains numerous cuts to the state’s health care programs. The Department of Human Services (DHS) has a quick summary of these changes available on their website. However, pinning down the number of people who would be impacted has been a little tricky. DHS, however, distributed a spreadsheet at a hearing on Tuesday providing some details:

  • Under the Governor’s budget proposal, DHS estimates that 113,615 fewer people (adults and children) would be enrolled in state health care programs by FY 2011.
  • Although the Governor claims to “preserve coverage for children,” DHS estimates that 26,399 fewer children would be enrolled in state health care programs by FY 2011. Some children would lose coverage due to program changes. Other children would drop from health care programs because their parents would no longer be eligible, and research shows parents are less likely to enroll their children if they lose access themselves.

These numbers may differ from what you’ve heard or read elsewhere for a few reasons. First, it looks like some of these enrollment estimates have been updated since the Governor’s budget books were put together. Second, sometimes the numbers you hear may be referring to a subset of the population – like how many who are currently enrolled will lose eligibility or how many parents on MinnesotaCare will be dropped. You can break things down anyway you would like by looking at the DHS spreadsheet.

-Christina Wessel

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Christina served as the Minnesota Budget Project's deputy director until January 2014.
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