Senate targets are out…$2 billion in revenues, $2.4 billion in cuts

The Minnesota Senate released their targets today. According to their press release, the plan includes $2 billion in unspecified revenue increases and $2.4 billion in permanent spending reductions. There is no mention of how the federal stimulus funds will fit into the plan. Under the Senate targets, every area of the budget would face a 7% reduction.

Here are the targets for each budget area:

  • E-12 Education, -$973 million
  • Higher Education, -$221 million
  • Health & Human Services, -$719 million
  • Agriculture, -$12 million
  • Environment, Energy and Natural Resources, -$24 million
  • Economic Development, -$22 million
  • Transportation, -$15 million
  • Public Safety, -$78 million
  • Judiciary, -$53 million
  • State Government, -$44 million
  • Tax Aids and Credits, -$240 million

The information is just coming in…so we’ll provide more reaction and analysis as we learn more. Right now, we wanted to make sure you have the numbers.

In the meantime, you can check out MPR’s story on the Senate targets…or Mary Lahammer’s blog. On a side note, readers of our blog may be better informed than some legislators. Apparently, not everyone realizes that the legislature passed, and the Governor recently signed, a new law which requires the legislature to enact a budget that is balanced for four years. We told you about that yesterday!

-Christina Wessel

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Christina served as the Minnesota Budget Project's deputy director until January 2014.
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