Budget cuts would have very real implications for Minnesotans

By now we’ve heard a lot about the spending cuts included in the Governor’s budget proposal, but it is often hard to translate how a dollar amount cut from the state budget impacts the everyday lives of Minnesotans.

To help you understand the potential consequences of some of what is being suggested, the Minnesota Budget Project has just released a new analysis, Consequences of the Governor’s Budget Proposal. We focused on the Governor’s proposed cuts because they are what is known at this point and they provide a jumping off point for further policy discussions.

As Minnesotans have looked into the Governor’s proposed cuts in services, they have begun to understand the real implications for people’s lives. We tried to gather as many of those concrete examples as possible and collect them in one place. We hope the synopsis will add to the conversation as legislators are engaged in tough decisions about how to balance the budget, and that policymakers will subsequently question whether struggling Minnesotans are being asked to shoulder too much of the burden of solving the state’s fiscal troubles.

There certainly are more ways that proposed budget cuts would impact Minnesotans’ lives and we expect more stories will continue to emerge. We will update this document after the final budget decisions have been made.

-Beth Haney

About Beth Haney

Beth Haney was a project manager and research consultant for the Minnesota Budget Project in 2009.
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