A critical time in the session to keep the momentum going!

On Monday, over 500 people gathered in the Capitol rotunda to encourage policymakers to make revenue-raising part of a balanced solution to the state’s budget deficit. Organized by Invest in Minnesota, the rally brought together representatives from faith, labor and nonprofit organizations.

This week, the Governor has announced he will use his unallotment power to balance the state budget if legislators are unable to come up with a solution by the time the legislature adjourns on Monday. On Saturday, the Governor will release details about what an additional $1.2 billion in spending cuts would look like, and cuts are expected to especially touch health and human services, aids to local governments and delayed payments to schools.

Therefore, it is very important that policymakers continue to hear from constituents about the importance of raising revenues, and raising them fairly.

Invest in Minnesota has resources available to help people contact their policymakers, including a You Tube video you can forward to your elected officials. Take action soon!

-Leah Gardner

About Leah Gardner

Leah Gardner was the Minnesota Budget Project's outreach coordinator.
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