A time of transition at the Minnesota Budget Project

Faithful readers of Minnesota Budget Bites have no doubt noticed that Katherine Blauvelt has been one of the most active contributors to the blog, writing about everything from the economy to tax policy to a range of budget issues.

Launching a blog was Katherine’s idea in the first place, and she has done a great deal to make it a success.

So it’s with mixed emotions that I announce that Katherine is leaving the Minnesota Budget Project to work on tax and budget issues in Senator Al Franken’s Minnesota office. These are issues where Katherine has great expertise and passion, and we congratulate her on this opportunity.

But, of course, we will greatly miss Katherine’s important contributions to the Minnesota Budget Project. She has had a hand in nearly all the analytic products coming out of the Minnesota Budget Project during her tenure, including her impressive 10-year look at state funding trends in our Lost Decade report.

We also wish our fantastic intern Sean Skibbie all the best as he starts law school. Sean provided vital support to many components of our work this year, keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes and playing an important role in our advocacy on the Renters’ Credit.

This does mean that there is an exciting opportunity for a new policy analyst to join our team. If doing research, analysis and writing on budget and tax issues is your thing, read our job description and apply.

-Nan Madden

About Nan Madden

Nan Madden is director of the Minnesota Budget Project.
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  1. William Tomhave says:

    Kudos to my cousin Katie Blauvelt! She did great work with the Minnesota Budget Project and will no doubt continue in her tireless efforts to get things done by crafting legislation with Al Franken.

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