A birthday wish

I’ve been the Minnesota Budget Project’s outreach coordinator for about four years and I’ve had a front row seat to some amazing work in that time.

When faced with the threat of constitutional amendments that would have severely limited the ability to set and manage an adequate state budget, we stepped into a lead role charting a path to their defeat along with many new and long-standing partners.

Recently, we kicked our work into high gear and seized the moment to raise fair and adequate revenues, pass health care reform and advocate for many critical investments – all with an unwavering commitment to equity and opportunity for all Minnesotans.

We’ve been part of powerful rallies at the Capitol where people from all over the state spoke up for fairly raised revenues. We’ve facilitated conversations between legislators and their constituents. We’ve helped people and organizations get involved, tell their stories and influence the issues that matter to them.

There have been many moments when I’ve been tremendously proud of our team’s flexibility, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile. But the most impressive thing for me is something that has never changed. No matter how busy we get, my teammates are always willing to dive into spreadsheets and bill language to make sure nonprofit advocates have what they need to be informed and involved in the advocacy process.

As a reader of our blog, you’ve no doubt been informed by the great work of my teammates too. So, since today is my birthday, I’d like to make a birthday wish: please make a contribution to the Minnesota Budget Project today.  Any size donation will be greatly appreciated and go a long way.

Thank you!

-Leah Gardner

Leah Gardner


About Leah Gardner

Leah Gardner was the Minnesota Budget Project's outreach coordinator.
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