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On Monday, we published an analysis with new details on the hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans who will benefit from improvements in property tax refunds in this year’s tax bill.

I’m extremely proud of the role that the Minnesota Budget Project played in winning that policy outcome, particularly improvements to the Renters’ Credit.

That success reflects our work to change the debate.

In past years, as we and our allies defeated proposals to dramatically cut the Renters’ Credit, we increased understanding among policymakers and the public that the debate about property taxes isn’t only about homeowners, but also includes Minnesota’s renters.

As a result, when the opportunity arose this year to start to reverse the trends of growing dependence on property taxes and rising regressivity of the tax system, policymakers already had improving the Renters’ Credit on their to-do lists.

That’s the kind of work you invest in when you contribute to the Minnesota Budget Project.

Make your tax-deductible donation today and join us in changing the debate.

Nan Madden

-Nan Madden

About Nan Madden

Nan Madden is director of the Minnesota Budget Project.
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