Proud to call Minnesota home

About a year ago, I took a gamble. I packed my bags and headed to a very unfamiliar place: Minnesota.

Apart from an exciting job opportunity with the Minnesota Budget Project, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a wonderful state where so many Minnesotans are doing their best to make the state an even better place for everyone. And we understand that for the state to be such a great place, we need a fair tax system and investments in priorities like education, health care and jobs.

Here at the Minnesota Budget Project, I’m excited to work with a team that’s helping make the dream of an even better Minnesota come true. I remember when I first started being particularly struck by the Project’s emerging focus on the intersection of racial and tax justice. We’re starting to make new connections in a topic that hasn’t been extensively explored yet in Minnesota, and I’m so eager to continue this work that promotes justice through a new lens.

This past legislative session we made great progress toward our goal of tax fairness. We helped to change our tax system, adding a new income tax bracket for high-income earners, and increasing the Renters’ Credit so that low-income renters don’t pay too much of their income in property taxes.

But we know there’s still work to be done. Continuing our work to make our state tax system more fair is a key priority as always.

We need your support. To continue the great work we do for the state that’s starting to feel like home for me, we count on contributions. We’re getting so close: only $2,160 left to raise during our summer fundraising campaign. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution today. You betcha it’ll be a sound decision!

-Caitlin Biegler

About Clark Goldenrod

Clark Goldenrod is the Minnesota Budget Project's senior policy analyst.
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