Make ‘Minnesota nice’ a reality

It’s not a birthday, anniversary or special holiday. But a week from today is a major gift-giving day in Minnesota.

November 14 is Give to the Max Day, a celebration of Minnesotans’ generosity and support for important causes.

Thousands of Minnesotans make special donations to nonprofits and schools in an online campaign that has earned millions of dollars for charities throughout the state.

Please add the Minnesota Budget Project to your list of contributions for Give to the Max Day.

As a Minnesota Budget Bites subscriber, you know we provide important research, analysis and advocacy on critical budget and tax issues. You may have shared a blog or issue brief, or cited our research at work or in a conversation.

We played a critical role in the 2013 state budget debate. We advocated for fairly raised revenues and investing in crucial services. Policymakers listened. They used our research and analysis because it is credible, reliable and nonpartisan.

The end result was a budget that invests in health care reform, a fairer tax system, investments in public education and increases to property tax refunds. It will take Minnesota a long way down the road to shared prosperity for all.

Your tax-deductible donation on Give to the Max Day will keep us at the forefront of the fight for Minnesota’s future.

Already convinced and ready to give? You don’t have to wait until November 14.

Any donation made between now and November 14 will count toward Give to the Max Day and qualify us for additional funds like Golden Tickets that add $1,000 to a donation. We would also qualify for one of two $10,000 Super-sized Golden Tickets.

You read our blog, you know our work. Please make a donation for Give to the Max Day.

-Nan Madden

About Nan Madden

Nan Madden is director of the Minnesota Budget Project.
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