Give to the Max for Economic Security

For nearly 20 years, you’ve trusted us at the Minnesota Budget Project to provide research and analysis to fight for economic security and prosperity for all Minnesotans. Your support has helped us pass nation-leading legislation that makes the state’s tax system more fair, increases the ability of Minnesota workers to make ends meet, and protects affordable health care for working Minnesotans.

Give to the Max Day logoWith the help of our allies and policymakers this past year, we fought for and got an increase in the state’s minimum wage and a 25 percent increase in the Working Family Tax Credit. We also boosted the Renters’ Credit and reined in proposed dramatic cuts to the estate tax.

Our work advances our vision for the future: greater opportunity and economic well-being for all Minnesotans. And the hard work continues. In the coming year, we’ll partner with allies to expand access to affordable child care; improve job quality through earned paid sick time; and continue steps toward a fairer tax system.

With a change in the political landscape we’re also ready for potential rolling back of these recent successes. We need to be prepared to fight against regressive tax cuts, efforts to prevent scheduled minimum wage increases and the cutting of key public investments, especially health care.

You trust our work. You’ve worked with us. Now we’re asking for support through a special donation on Give to the Max Day, Thursday, November 13. Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue the fight for equity and fairness for all Minnesotans.

About Nan Madden

Nan Madden is director of the Minnesota Budget Project.
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