Together we can build a strong economic future for all Minnesotans

A bright future for Minnesota is built on a strong foundation:

  • Sound public investments that create opportunity and broader economic security across Minnesota;
  • Policies that build a strong economic future for us all, by ensuring Minnesotans, regardless of where they live, can get good jobs and move up the ladder into the middle class; and
  • A fair tax system that funds the priorities Minnesotans value.

For nearly two decades, the Minnesota Budget Project has provided credible research and analysis that identifies clear policy solutions that deliver progress toward these goals, such as making child care more affordable so that parents can work and children can thrive.

Community leaders like you know you can rely on our sound assessments of the state’s budget, economy and tax landscape to inform the work you do every day to make our state one where all Minnesotans can thrive and prosper.

We invite you to join hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans in making our state even better by supporting the Minnesota Budget Project during GiveMN’s annual Give to the Max Day.

Act now and your donation could do more: donating today qualifies the Minnesota Budget Project for one of the hourly $1,000 Golden Tickets and a $10,000 Super-Sized Golden Ticket.

Your generous donation will truly make a difference in the lives of your neighbors. With your support, we will continue to work towards a future where all Minnesotans have access to opportunity and economic well-being. Join us today.

With sincere thanks,
The Minnesota Budget Project Team – Nan Madden, Clark Biegler, Ben Horowitz and Laura Mortenson

About Laura Mortenson

Laura Mortenson is the Minnesota Budget Project's communications manager.
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