Now is the time to say no to a new rule that would increase hardship for New Americans

A proposed federal rule would make it harder for New Americans on their path to citizenship and folks moving to the country to thrive and to fully contribute to our communities. This proposal doesn’t match our Minnesota values, and it is important to make your voice heard.

Today begins a 60-day public comment period on the rule that would greatly expand how “public charge” is determined in the future, and would ultimately harm families trying to put a roof over their head or buy groceries to feed growing kids.

This rule would judge the value of New Americans by how much money they have, rather than how they live their lives and contribute to their communities.

Federal policymakers need to hear from you that this isn’t the direction we want for our country. See our action alert with directions on how to add your voice.

For more details about the proposed rule and the damage it would do, read our earlier blog.

About Clark Goldenrod

Clark Goldenrod is the Minnesota Budget Project's senior policy analyst.
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